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Product Name:Copper Busbar

Copper busbars are demanded for their superior conductivity and for properties like crack resistance and free bend-ability. Copper busbars are supplied in cold worked conditions in required dimensional finish. The copper bu bars are available in hard and soft annealed temper, and are perfect for use in electrical applications.

Size range and standard:
Width: from 10mm to 300mm
Thickness: from 3mm to 110mm
Length: up to 6m
Type: square corner, rounded corner, rounded edge, full rounded edge
Copper alloy: C11000 (Cu-ETP), C10200 (Cu-OF)
Standard: ASTM B187

Superior conductivity
Superior dimensional control
Crack free bends
Lower inductance
Lower impedance
Improved thermal characteristics

Application Areas:
Bus Bars
Transformer Connectors
Earthing Protection in L.T. and H.T. Electrical Panels
Power Transmission equipment
Control Panels 

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